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Understanding the Role of a General Contractor

Understanding the Role of a General Contractor

Did you know that the average cost of commercial construction in the United States is $490 per square foot? With that high of a price tag, you need to make sure your construction project meets all your requirements.

A general contractor is essential to your new building. Here are some of the responsibilities of a construction contractor and how they can help you with the process.

Client Communication

Communication between the construction contractor and the client is one of the keys to a successful relationship. Everyone needs to be on the same page to accomplish the final project.

The contractor discusses everything with the client, from the budget to the timeline of the construction project. A general contractor can also liaison between the client and subcontractors, like your Tacoma architect.

A good contractor regularly meets with the client. The contractor keeps the client up to date on new developments, issues, or setbacks. Your contractor should provide outstanding client service and allay your worries.

Planning and Budgeting

Before construction for a new building begins, a commercial contractor plans the timeline and estimates how much it will cost. When a contractor creates a budget, they have to consider factors such as:

  • equipment
  • labor
  • materials
  • insurance
  • taxes
  • professional fees

Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. The construction contractor also has to coordinate multiple timelines. These can be affected by things like material availability and labor schedules.

Permits and Licensing

The commercial construction process can be incredibly complicated when it comes to legal issues. Luckily, a design-build contractor will help get all the necessary permits and paperwork.

For instance, the city of Tacoma requires a general permit submission for a new building. You will also need separate permits for things like plumbing.

All general contractors in Washington should have registration through the Department of Labor & Industries. Subcontractors usually need additional licensing and education.

A qualified contractor should not have a problem showing you all licenses and registrations. They will also ensure that everyone working on the construction project is equally qualified.

Subcontractor and Employee Management

Your construction contractor will likely have a list of subcontractors they work with on a regular basis. Using their contacts, you can connect with professionals for everything from architecture to electrical wiring.

Site management is important to keep the construction project running smoothly. Your construction contractor will lead the team, make schedules, and ensure everything is safe.

The larger your construction project, the more people will be involved. This can get very complicated if you do not have the proper experience. Your construction contractor will know how to handle any personnel issues.

Consider Hiring a General Contractor

Whether your project is a renovation or a new building, a general contractor can help your vision become a reality.

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