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The Role of Project Management Services During Design and Construction

Project management services play a pivotal role during design and construction. Discover these service benefits and how to leverage our expertise here.

Three-quarters of construction projects fail to meet deadlines. These timeline issues happen for several reasons. Good project management services should know how to eliminate these problems. A project manager is to a construction project what a director is to a movie. They oversee several factors while a construction project is taking place. These factors include the cost, time/delivery, and scope of work. They also engage in regular client communication. That is, they act as a type of go-between between clients. With this, the client can hold some control over the construction project.

Read on to learn about specific ways that project managers engage in the design and construction phases.

Feasibility and Design Phase

A construction project usually has four steps: feasibility, design, construction, and operation. Some put the design and feasibility steps together as the timelines for these stages often overlap.


Feasibility is how a construction team figures out if a project will succeed. In this step, the team will look at the project’s costs, timeline, potential, and anticipated benefits. By figuring this out beforehand, the construction team will ensure that they don’t waste time, money, and/or energy.

The project manager will play a huge role in this process. They will make sure that the costs and the scope of work the team decides on are reasonable. If they’re not, the project manager will ask them to change their plans.


A lot of decisions about the building’s size, rooms, etc. happen during the feasibility stage. However, designers may have to redo their designs if they go over the intended budget. Or the feasibility team may need to adjust their plans if something in the design goes over budget.

The design portion of a construction project is mostly the responsibility of the design-build contractor and/or general contractor (one person can be both of these). However, the project manager should give their input as the design team works.

Construction Phase

Before the actual construction begins, the project owner must hire a residential property commercial contractor to handle the actual construction work. The project budget should already detail how much the project owner will spend on hiring these contractors. The project manager will ensure this budget is followed.

Right before the building phase begins, a pre-construction meeting is held. The team makes decisions based on factors like work hours and quality. The project manager will be a part of this meeting.

During the construction project, the project will ensure everything stays on time and below the budget.

Hire Our Project Management Services

As you can see, your construction projects need project management services. Using them will ensure that your project timeline stays on track. If they do, the client will feel perfectly satisfied and may hire your team again.

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