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Sound Credit Union

HHJ Speeds Through Dual Branch Build for Sound Credit Union: A Case Study in Efficiency


When Sound Credit Union approached HHJ with an ambitious request – two simultaneous design-build projects for entirely new T.I. branches in separate jurisdictions, all within a demanding 90-day timeframe – the pressure was on. Not only did the project involve coordinating with two different landlords and navigating distinct permitting processes, but each branch boasted unique design requirements, adding further complexity.

However, HHJ, renowned for its ability to fast-track projects, rose to the challenge with impressive results. Leveraging its expertise in design, permitting, and construction, the team delivered both the 1st Hill and Redmond branches ahead of schedule and under budget, exceeding Sound Credit Union’s expectations.

Mastering the Balancing Act:

The project demanded meticulous organization and parallel execution. Two dedicated HHJ teams, each specializing in the specific needs of their respective branch, ensured seamless progress. Constant communication and collaboration across teams, landlords, and jurisdictions were crucial for navigating the intricacies of dual builds.