HHJ Architecture & Construction
Honolulu Freight Services

Honolulu Freight Services

For Honolulu Freight Services, HHJ undertook the comprehensive development of a shipping and distribution hub. This project included the construction of a two-story office expansion framed with wood, augmenting operational capacity. Furthermore, HHJ executed phased enhancements to site surfacing and implemented cutting-edge stormwater facilities to meet environmental standards.

Integral to the project was the establishment of a pre-engineered service shop tailored to address truck and trailer maintenance needs. Additionally, HHJ orchestrated the installation of new sewer connections, facilitating the integration of breakroom and restroom facilities.

Employing a design-build methodology, HHJ navigated intricate coordination and negotiated utility agreements among Honolulu authorities, the Port of Tacoma, and other stakeholders. This adept management ensured seamless alignment with regulatory requirements and operational imperatives.

HHJ’s strategic approach prioritized on-site development, minimizing off-site footprint while maximizing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability for Honolulu Freight Services.