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Incorporating Design Trends Into Your Commercial Building Architecture

Architectural designers are always striving for improvement. We explore the emerging commercial building architecture trends and how to use them in your design. The number of commercial buildings in the US increased by 1.5 million from 1995 to 2018. If you are considering adding your new company building to that number, you need to know about the latest trends.

Today’s commercial building architecture trends are transforming how we think of the workplace. Company buildings are more sustainable, adaptable, and enjoyable to work in than ever before. And with the rise of smart building technology, commercial buildings are also becoming one more data source to leverage. Smart buildings are also making it easier to cut costs.

Want to learn more about the hot architecture trends of the year? If so, read on for the top ones to consider in your new build.

Sustainable Materials

Companies with strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance are set up for success. They can stay ahead of new sustainability regulations. Even better, companies with strong ESG commitments enjoy higher returns and lower risks.

One unexpected way to improve your ESG commitment is with sustainable commercial building architecture. You can significantly decrease your carbon emissions with today’s low-carbon, sustainable building strategies. And you can do it with retrofitted improvements and new builds.

Biophilic Design

Studies show that bringing nature into the workplace can reduce stress and enhance well-being. A Tacoma architect can bring nature into your commercial building in multiple ways. They can add more natural light, create stunning landscape views, and incorporate indoor water features or plants.

Known as biophilic design, this commercial architecture trend is not just good for your workers. It can also create healthier indoor air for lower group health insurance costs. Plus, the enhanced well-being biophilic design brings can boost operational efficiency and inspire your employees to do their best work.

Flex Workspaces

The layout of the modern office has changed. Today’s offices have been influenced by the open-concept floorplan trend that has become popular with residential home architecture.

It is becoming increasingly common to find open workspaces that offer more flexibility. These office layouts can enhance creativity, promote teamwork, and maximize productivity. This trend is ideal for companies looking for adaptable workspaces that can flex with their changing business needs.

Smart Buildings

Commercial buildings are not just buildings anymore. They are technology in and of themselves. This is all thanks to the cutting-edge products enabling architects to transform buildings into data-driven machines.

Architects can incorporate Building Management Systems to optimize energy efficiency. You can also enjoy automated lighting and security sensing. There is almost no limit to the smart technologies you can incorporate into today’s commercial smart building architecture.

Get the Top Commercial Building Architecture Trends

These commercial building architecture trends are transforming the way companies do business. Improve your financial health with more sustainable building materials and your employees’ health with biophilic design. Invest in flexible, smart workspaces to bring your workplace into the future.

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