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Identifying the Best Tacoma Architect for Your Construction Project

Identifying the Best Tacoma Architect for Your Construction Project

There are well over 6,600 architects working in Washington. Determining how to choose the best architect for your building in Tacoma can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! A successful commercial construction project always starts with an architectural plan, which is why having the best commercial contractor and architect on board early is so important. With so many to choose from, picking the right Tacoma architect can seem a bit daunting.

Today, we’re going to explain how to find the right design-build contractor for your construction project. With these tactics, you’ll be able to find someone who can not just bring your project to life, but help you with the design phase as well. Keep reading and you’ll have a clear plan in place for your project before you know it.

Keeping It Local When Looking For The Best Tacoma Architect

It’s always smart to choose a Tacoma architect for a Tacoma-based building project. Not only is it important for a design build contractor to have a strong grasp of local building codes, but a local contractor will also have strong connections with Tacoma-based engineers and contractors.

All of this works to streamline your construction project. Building a relationship with a quality local architect and contractor will give you a go-to person for all of your design needs moving forward.

You can start your search online. The best local architects will have a good reputation among former clients, so use customer reviews to your advantage. Select a few of the top options and make consultation appointments to learn more.


When you’re interviewing potential candidates for the best Tacoma architect, there’s a lot you need to get a sense of. Of course, you need to look at their experience and knowledge to complete your project. One of the most important, however, is your ability to collaborate and make the best of this construction.

A lot of this comes down to communication. Ask each candidate how they like to work with their clients and how intimate communications will be throughout. Communicative working relationships lead to the most successful projects.

You want someone who can whip up designs and present them to stakeholders. You also want someone who can seamlessly turn plans into a reality but can adapt to changes as well.

What Do They Offer?

It’s important to find out what you’ll be paying for. Hiring an architect and general contractor all wrapped up in one means that you’ll only be dealing with one company, which helps to streamline things.

At HHJ, we always start projects with the end goal in mind. We’ll begin with initial sketches, then start to design every aspect of your project with you. You’ll get full 3-D renderings that help you visualize the project each step of the way.

The goal is to take your vision and make it a reality. When it comes time to break ground, the same people that designed your project are the ones bringing it to life.

Hire the Best Tacoma Architect and Contractor

Finding a great local company that combines architecture and building doesn’t have to be difficult. HHJ Architecture & Construction is centrally located in downtown Tacoma and, as a family-owned business, we’ve been helping bring local construction projects to fruition since 1970.

To talk about your project with a Tacoma architect today, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.