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Architectural Design Services: An Overview of the Project Timeline

Learn about the main phases your project will undergo when hiring professionals (like our team) for architectural design services in Tacoma, WA.

There are over 160 historic properties in Tacoma alone. Do you want to remodel an old building or start from scratch? Either way, everything takes careful planning. Architectural design services lay the foundation for any successful building endeavor.

Do you feel overwhelmed by architectural design in Tacoma, WA? Keep reading for an overview of the project timeline when hiring professionals.

Consultation With a Design Build Contractor

Architectural design services in Tacoma, WA, often begin with a frank discussion. During this phase, clients will meet with the Tacoma architect to discuss their project vision, goals, and budget.

This is a critical step in hiring an architect because it sets the tone for the entire project. Clients can express their ideas and tap into an architect’s rich experience and know-how.

Schematic Design From a Commercial Contractor

The initial consultation lays important groundwork. From there, the architectural design process moves to the question of schematics.

This phase involves creating preliminary drawings and sketches. You’ll get an outline of the overall concept and layout of the project.

You’ll have the first glimpse of your vision taking shape on paper. It’s an exciting stage where ideas start to feel like a reality. Plus, you can make adjustments with ease.

Design Development From a General Contractor

You won’t move to the next project phase until you approve the schematic design. Once you’re happy, you can progress to more concrete designs. During this stage, the Tacoma architect works on refining the plans to perfection.

This includes specifying materials, structural elements, and more detailed drawings. Design development ensures the project meets the client’s expectations. It’ll also meet building codes and regulations.

Construction Documents for Architecture Services

Construction documents serve as a comprehensive guide for contractors during the next phase. They include detailed architectural drawings, specifications, and other essential information.

Remember that architectural design services will always consult you before making any changes. That way, you won’t have to worry. Your construction project will be completed based on the approved design.

Bidding and Negotiation Commercial Construction Services

With construction documents in hand, clients can move on to matters of funding. This is when they get reliable bids from contractors for the project.

The Tacoma architect can offer valuable insights during this process. They’ll help clients choose the right contractor for their needs and budget. This phase is crucial for ensuring that the project stays on track.

Construction Administration

Once construction begins, the architectural design services don’t end there. Instead, the architect continues to play a fundamental role in construction administration.

They oversee the project to ensure it aligns with the approved specifications. This phase includes regular site visits. They’ll address any issues that may crop up and ensure the project succeeds.

Architectural Design Services Don’t Have to Be Lengthy

Now, you can get architectural design services from a reputable company.

HHJ has been around for over three decades. Our team’s architectural experience covers many projects and phases of architectural design.

Would you like to discuss the details of your architectural needs? Don’t hesitate to connect with an HHJ team member today.