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A Guide to Commercial Architecture Trends in 2024

The architecture industry is constantly evolving. Click here for a guide to commercial architecture trends in 2024 to find out this year’s trends.

Projected to grow by 5 percent between 2022 and 2032, architect employment is growing faster than average. There’s a reason that architects are in such high demand in commercial real estate. Architects who stay on top of the latest trends can build commercial buildings that fully serve the needs of a building’s occupants. With changing workforce needs and office considerations, staying on top of the latest developments is essential.

Fortunately, we’re here to keep you in the loop. Here’s your guide to commercial architecture trends in 2024.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability will play a larger role in commercial architecture in 2024. There’s an increased interest in reducing carbon emissions and prioritizing eco-friendliness in architectural design.

This is done in many ways. This may include adding more energy-efficient HVAC systems, lighting, solar panels, and appliances. A general contractor like ourselves could also use sustainable materials during construction.

Natural Lighting

Many commercial buildings are designed to provide more natural light, thus reducing the need for artificial lights and increased energy use. Natural lighting provides a more positive atmosphere for those inside. It’s favored because it helps promote productivity and boosts well-being in the workplace.

As a commercial contractor, we can help ensure that natural light can enter a building by the way we use corridors and design standards. By working with Tacoma architects like us, you’ll ensure those in the building stay productive and healthy in the workplace.

Smart Technology

Many commercial architects are also considering new technologies when creating their designs. Many types of technology are being integrated into architectural design. This includes voice-activated elevators, smart water conservation systems, and modern security features.

Smart, innovative lighting solutions are especially popular. These integrate well with modern commercial buildings and reduce energy consumption. Sensor turn-off lights and light-activated motion sensors, for example, can do a great job of helping enhance security.


Accessibility and inclusivity are being favored in architectural design more than ever before. It’s important to choose architects that understand how to make your building accessible for all people.

Prioritizing wheel-chair-friendly entry and exits along with elevators and other features is essential. It’s also important that restrooms, work areas, and pathways are accommodating and inclusive, reducing the chances of exclusions due to limited access.

Breakout Areas

Adding breakout areas has become a popular trend. Many businesses are looking to boost productivity and provide employees with a better work environment. These spaces are separate from the more formal workspaces. They allow employees to spend some time away from their desks or taking a business call that requires less distractions.

Although these spaces can be added to older buildings, many are adding them to new designs as well. A great design-build contractor can help ensure these are included from the very beginning and integrated in a seamless way.

Designing Commercial Architecture in 2024

Commercial architecture is always changing and there are new trends to consider every year. However, these are some of the top trends to know about for 2024. Expect more sustainable design, natural lighting, technology, and inclusivity in building design as time goes on.

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