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3D Building Design: The Advantages of 3D Modeling in Construction

Many resources go into construction projects. 3D building design and modeling help ensure those resources are well spent and used. Learn more here.

Each year, the construction industry creates approximately $1.8 trillion worth of structures. It’s a powerful contributor to the US economy. It also serves as a major pillar in our society. As time goes on, firms are leveraging new technology to streamline each construction project. This involves both computer-aided design and 3D building design.

3D modeling in construction is one of the most promising innovations. Let’s explore the advantages it provides.

Enhanced Creativity

3D modeling helps construction professionals approach projects from different angles. They can easily experiment with different designs to determine which ones work.

The primary benefit of this software is that it helps contractors see how different elements fit together. Not only can you come up with creative solutions, but you can also identify problems early on.


A design build contractor can save a substantial amount of time with 3D modeling software. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and improved revenue. It also eases the mental burden of the process.

For instance, certain aspects of designing can be tedious or mentally fatiguing without 3D design software. With improved design speed, you’ll drastically cut down on your project’s timeline.

Streamlined Design Review

A major bottleneck for a commercial contractor is design review. They typically involve a large number of people in different roles.

Every relevant individual needs to sign off on the design for it to move forward. 3D modeling provides valuable insight into the end result. So, the review process becomes much more streamlined.

Easy Collaboration

Collaborating on 3D designs is as simple as sending files to another party. You can also upload them to a centralized platform that other people can access.

It’s not uncommon for firms to use project management software that allows numerous people to collaborate on a design and provide feedback. Since everyone can visualize the same result, conflicts are less likely.

Improved Customer Visualization

Clients hate being left in the dark when working with a general contractor. This often occurs when they review 2D blueprints.

Using 3D modeling can bring designs to life and help customers better understand the project. This eliminates unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings. By extension, it also improves client relationships.

Finding a Tacoma Architect

When looking for a commercial contractor, check their past reputation. You should only choose someone who has plenty of positive feedback.

Look at their pricing structure, as well. It’s no secret that commercial projects are costly, and you’ll want to avoid overpaying. Consider how communicative they are.

If you can’t easily get in touch with them when they’re designing a building, your project will be unnecessarily difficult. Finally, trust your intuition. Don’t hesitate to look elsewhere if something seems off.

Don’t Overlook 3D Building Design

When used appropriately, 3D building design can take construction projects to the next level. Not only can it improve accuracy, but it substantially boosts efficiency. So, be sure to find a contractor who uses this tool.

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